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About me

About myself: Simone

So nice that you are interesed in my work as a horse photographer! 

I live in Emmeloord, in the Netherlands. I'm born and raised on a farm, but we didn't had horses on the farm, but my neighbors had horses. That is where my passion for horses started at the age of 14. I was aloud to sit on their Haflinger called Jacky for a picture if I brought them a bag of potatoes from my dad. That was it, I was a new horse girl. 

I have 2 Friesian horses myself. Nikki fan 'Bosksicht' a 9 year old mare and Hangzhou fan Henswoude, a 3 year old stunning stallion.

Photography started as a hobby for me what became bigger and bigger everytime. I always enjoy the good pictures in magazines or on the internet and also good pictures of my own horses. I said to myself, that it would be nice when I could make them myself.. And here I am as a horse photographer! 

I have a huge passion for all disciplines in the equestrian sports, but I'm a born dressage rider. You will not be suprised if you see all the pictures on my website and socials, most of them are dressage horses, but I also photograph other disciplines, nothing is to much! 

Next to riding my own horses I love to discover new places all over the world. And I like this even more now with my camera and when there are horses! I have so many dreams and wishes.. I will work really hard to make them come true. 

But if your wish is, those cool and nice pictures of your horse and you, then I can comfort you..  

Your on the right place at my website to book your photoshoot! 

Equine photographer